Past Brown Bag Lunches

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Past Brownbag Lunches

The FBA offers brown bag (bring your own) lunches with our federal judges. These lunches take place in our judges chambers’ and are limited to small groups (usually 15 or fewer attendees). These events really allow judges and practitioners to get acquainted, discuss best practices and preferences, and discuss aspects of federal practice and the legal profession that interest the group. The FBA is incredibly thankful to the judges who have already hosted brown bag events in their chambers. Contact Robert Calbi if you are interested in being placed on the brown-bag lunch distribution list.


  • W.D. MO. Magistrate Judge Jill A. Morris (September)

  • D. Kan. Magistrate Judge Gwynne E. Birzer (August)
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  • All Brown Bag Lunches (2017)
  • D. Kan. District Judge Julie A. Robinson (April)
  • D. Kan. District Judge Sam A. Crow (April)
  • Tenth Circuit Judge Nancy Moritz (June)


  • All Brown Bag Lunches (2016)
  • D. Kan. Magistrate Judge Teresa J. James (Oct.)
  • D. Kan. Magistrate Judge Gwynne E. Birzer (Oct.)


  • All Brown Bag Lunches (2015)
  • D. Kan. District Judge Daniel D. Crabtree (May)
  • D. Kan. District Judge Julie A. Robinson (July)
  • D. Kan. Chief District Judge J. Thomas Marten (July)
  • D. Kan. District Judge Carlos Murguia (Oct.)
  • D. Kan. District Judge Eric F. Melgren (Oct.)
  • D. Kan. Magistrate Judge Kenneth G. Gale (Oct.)
  • D. Kan. Magistrate Judge James P. O'Hara (Oct.)
  • D. Kan. Bankruptcy Judge Dale L. Somers (Nov.)
  • D. Kan. Chief Bankruptcy Judge Janice Miller Karlin (Nov.)